FeedMe™ DHA Feed

Light yellow, fine and DHA rich Algae powder. Leading source of animal and aqua feed

  • Sealed Mylar bag with nitrogen blanket for freshness
  • Extra-fine powder
  • Prepared in a sterile environment
  • Made in USA

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FeedMe™ DHA Feed Rich Algae Powder

This unique and high quality algae DHA Feed is spray dried in whole-cell form to provide a clean and readily absorbable fine powder. DHA Feed is an excellent vegan source of DHA, providing an alternative source to non-sustainable fish consumption. It remains extremely high in beneficial fatty acids, such as DHA, as well as being high in protein and carotenoids which help with the digestive health and development of animals that consume it.

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1 kg


  • Beneficial for gut health
  • All essential amino acids
  • Omega’s-3, 6 & 12
  • Complete Vitamin complex
  • +15 different beta-carotenoids
  • Full spectrum of over 90 well assimilated minerals
  • Especially high in iron and magnesium
  • Excellent source of Chlorophyll
  • DHA – omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • 50+% Protein

Technical Information

Appearance: Dry light yellow whole cell algae biomass powder
Aroma: Mild neutral odor
Density: Approximately 1.1 g/cm3
Solubility: Soluble in water
Particle Size: 7 – 20 μm (mean 14 μm)
DHA Content: 22%


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