FeedMe™ EPA Feed

Green, fine and EPA rich Algae powder. Leading source of animal and aqua feed

  • Sealed, Mylar bag with nitrogen blanket for freshness
  • Prepared in a sterile environment
  • Superior amino acid profile
  • Made in USA

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FeedMe™ EPA Feed – EPA Rich Algae Powder

Our clean algae is a stable and complete whole-cell powder, spray dried to a fine powder for purity. Our EPA rich feed retains its complete nutrient, mineral profile and high protein content, adding a long list of beneficial elements to animal and marine life feed. EPA Feed offers a sustainable and vegan source of beneficial nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids to aid in healthy growth and development of all animal and marine life.

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Weight 1 lbs

1 kg


  • Beneficial for gut health
  • All essential amino acids
  • Omega’s-3, 6 & 12
  • Complete Vitamin complex
  • +15 different beta-carotenoids
  • Full spectrum of over 90 well assimilated minerals
  • Especially high in iron and magnesium
  • Excellent source of Chlorophyll
  • EPA – omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • 50+% Protein

Technical Information

General ProfileAmino Acid ProfileFatty Acid Profile

General Profile

Moisture 6.51 wt% dry
Digestibility > 90%
Crude Protein 37.36 wt% dry
Crude Carbohydrates 24.9 wt% dry
Crude Fiber 2.76 wt% dry
Crude Lipids 24.47 wt% dry
Ash Content 10.51 wt% dry
Chlorophyll A 1.22 wt% dry

Amino Acid Profile

Alanine 6.75 wt%
Arginine 5.87 wt%
Cysteine 0.73 wt%
Glumic Acid 11.24 wt%
Glycine 6.03 wt%
Histidine 2.15 wt%
Isoleucine 4.7 wt%
Leucine 10.11 wt%
Lysine 7.15 wt%
Methionine 2.09 wt%
Phenylalanine 5.72 wt%
Proline 5.71 wt%
Serine 3.37 wt%
Threonine 4.95 wt%
Tryptophan 2.55 wt%
Tyrosine 3.68 wt%
Valine 6.66 wt%

Fatty Acid Profile

C14:0 5.44%
C16:0 20.26%
C16:1ω-7 25.99%
C18:1ω-9 8.1%
C18:2ω-6 4.35%
C20:4ω-6 4.89%
C20:5ω-3 19.23%
Total ω-3 22.48%
Total ω-6 11.22%


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