Commercial Algae Production Technology

FeedMe™ uses Affinity Energy and Health's fully enclosed, modular, high-yield, algae cultivation system to produce sustainable and renewable proteins and oils. The enclosed photo-bioreactor system offers cost, scale, contamination free and yield advantages over the open pond method.

This system delivers a reliable supply of sustainable and renewable advanced algae products.

Our technology has demonstrated and validated exceptional performance versus competitive algae cultivation technologies:

  • Enclosed photo-bioreactor system
  • 10-fold productivity improvement
  • 99+% biomass & oil product yields
  • Optimum algae product quality
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration potential
  • Step-change reduction in plant footprint requirements
  • Substantial capital/cost savings


FeedMe™ has carried out more than six years of laboratory, bench-scale, pilot tests and product trials. Cultivation begins in the lab before it is scaled up to a commercial closed photo-bioreactor.

Enclosed Algae Growing System

We naturally produce algae-based products utilizing Affinity Energy and Health's technology. Photosynthesis is driven by a combination of LED lights and natural sunlight. The production areas are climate controlled, which ensures optimal productivity and nutrient profile of every batch.

Module | FeedmealgaeSolid State Lighting Advancements

By incorporating Affinity Energy and Health’s technology, FeedMe™  is constantly striving to innovate & improve upon its solid state (LED) lighting. Our LEDs high-efficiency power regulation and optical conversion lead to maximum radiometric output at minimal power consumption, all while integrated into a low-profile design. Dimming is achieved through the use of a pulse-width modulation micro controller, which allows for a fine-tuned output that is catered to varying algal species. Affinity Energy and Health’s custom water-cooled element ensures that junction temperatures are kept well below the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, which means minimal color-shifting & a longer lifespan of each LED chip. FeedMe™ circuit boards are custom designed in-house, which allows for flexibility & variability in meeting each projects needs.